13 December 2017

Shortbread spirals

Christmas time is the right time for baking. Specially in Germany, where I live, there is such a big culture of Christmas biscuits that the first time I saw them I was overwhelmed. Then sad, since most of them where nut-based recipes. So as usual, as I do in this cases, I started making my own.

4 December 2017

Decadent chocolate cake

It's that time of the year again when the inhibitions are low and everyone is looking to skip some rules in their diet.

24 October 2017

Spanish rice pudding (Arroz con leche)

This is another of those old school family recipes that my mom learnt forever ago and it's been always around the house. It's originally from Asturias (north of Spain), although there are a lot of versions around the world with different spices. 

It's probably one of the most common desserts in the north of Spain. It can be finished with some sprinkled cinnamon as in the picture or burnt sugar (like Crème brûlée), but since I don't own a burner, I chose the cinnamon.

For this particular recipe I used rice pudding rice. It´s better to use short grain rice, such as for pudding, or even risotto, that absorb more milk than long grain rice like basmati.